Calling all Kiwi bands/musicians!

Kia ora - this is a shout out to all Kiwi bands/musicians/artists! We want you to join us!
With the unfortunate news that NZ will be re-entering partial lockdown, the live music scene is again facing an uncertain future, with gigs around the country cancelled or postponed. Music fans around NZ are wondering what they can do to support the music they love - and Kiwi Music Merch might just be the answer.
We make it possible for bands/musicians of any size to easily create and sell merchandise to your fans. Everything we sell on the website is printed on an order-by-order basis.
That means zero up-front payment, zero up-front commitment. No more handling of leftover stock and shipping orders, no more difficult decisions about which designs and sizes to get.
There is zero cost to signing up - all we need from you is a design (or designs - however many you want!) and what type and colour apparel you want - t-shirts and/or hoodies, blue, red or green... it's up to you!
When we sell a product on the website, the order is sent off to one of our printing partners around NZ, where the t-shirt is printed and shipped off to your customer within roughly 7 days.
After we've covered our costs, we pass the remainder of the sale price over to you, the artist. These costs vary dependent on the complexity of the design and the style of garment. We're happy to share this information with you as we go, please just ask.
We see this as a community project. The goal is two fold:
  • to make band merchandise easier to buy for fans than ever before.
  • to make band merchandise easier to create and sell for artists than ever before
We have ideas on how to help this happen, such as free delivery for orders delivered to local music venues for pick up.
But we can't do any of this without you, the musicians, the bands, the artists. We'd love to get your thoughts if you have ideas or feedback, or even better if you could share this with other bands you know who might want to join... the more the merrier.
The plan is to go live to the public later this month. Who knows how many bands we can have on board by then?
If you have more questions, check out our FAQs! Hopefully that covers it. If not, drop us an email at