Coridian band
Take fireball vocal powerhouse Dity and the hard hitting, harder grooving Raven brothers, bind them together and you get Coridian. It's the four-piece Auckland based who are fast becoming one of the best new names in Kiwi rock.
Coridian have toured extensively around NZ, including their own headlining tours and performing with high profile NZ acts such as Devilskin, City of Souls, I AM GIANT, Skinny Hobos & Written by Wolves as well as international acts such as Skillet (USA), P.O.D (USA), Fuel (USA), Fozzy (USA), Sumo Cyco (CAN) & Red Sea (AUS).
Coridian have been working on a 4 part elemental release series of water, earth, fire & wind. With 2015's Oceanic representing rougher waters, 2017's Caldera finding their foundation, Eldur rising up with fiery passion in 2020, and the future final EP Hava promising to find ascension & peace.
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