Geoff Ong Music

Geoff Ong music
Geoff Ong wants to be a pop star for dorks.
Pop music can feel lacking in authenticity and connection, especially for people who don’t always feel like they fit in with the cool kids. Geoff Ong wants to fix that. This is the mainstream, for the misfits.
Over the last year, Geoff has been building a career as an independent artist in New Zealand - cultivating a passionate fanbase through a combination of online engagement and electric live performances.
With 5 songs landing in the Top 5 of the Official NZ Music Charts, tens of thousands of streams, hundreds of thousands of video views, and consistent radio airplay across New Zealand's commercial hit music stations, it’s clear that there is big love for Geoff’s quirky brand of pop music.
Outside of music, Geoff also feels strongly about the importance of racial diversity and representation in mainstream media; as one of the few Asian faces in the pop music sphere, Geoff feels a responsibility to create discussions around this.