How does it work? FAQs

How does Kiwi Music Merch work?

Kiwi Music Merch allows musicians and bands to create and sell merchandise without any upfront cost or commitment by printing all merchandise on an order-by-order basis. That means no worrying about different sizes, which design to pick, where do you keep stock, will you be able to sell it all etc. Just send us your design, what apparel you want made (t-shirts, hoodies etc), what colours you want, and we'll get it up on the website!
What happens when a t-shirt is sold?
When a t-shirt is sold, we send off the order to one of our Direct to Garment (DTG) printing partners around NZ. They then print the design on the t-shirt, package it up and send it to the customer usually within 7 days. We will keep you updated with the orders, and any additional money after costs have been covered will be sent to you.
What's the difference between DTG printing and screen printing?
Screen printing has been around for a long time, and is excellent for bulk orders. Once the screen is setup, you can put through multiple t-shirts easily - hence why volume discounts exist. However, for one-off orders, it doesn't work - the effort into creating the screen is too much.
DTG printing sprays the ink on the garment much like when printing paper. The setup costs are minimal, so one off orders can be processed easily. As the technology has improved, these printers can now handle complex images and still maintain a professionally high quality.
At Kiwi Music Merch, we mostly use DTG printing as it allows for far greater flexibility for the band. However, if you want to use Screen Printing, please still get in touch as we can discuss options.
How do I know the print is high quality?
We're more than happy to arrange for a sample to be sent to you at the cost price. DTG printing has seen significant improvements in quality in recent years - we're confident you won't be disappointed.
What are the costs to get involved?
There are no costs to feature on the website for all bands that register before the end of the year. Our costs are included in the cost per item sold. These vary dependent on type of apparel, complexity of design, brand of apparel etc. To give a rough idea, we expect costs per t-shirt to be between $25-$30. As we grow, we will know more about how this will work in the future. We will always endeavour to give as much back to the bands as possible.
What apparel brands do you work with?
We mostly work with AS Colour apparel. If you have a preference for another, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate.
What price should I put my merch at?
It's up to you! We suggest not going lower than $30, but anything above that is up to you. Any additional profit after costs are covered go to you, the artist. Be careful not to make it too expensive - you want your fans to buy your merch!
Can I put in a bulk order for an upcoming tour?
If you have an upfront order you'd like to make, please do get in touch as well. If you place the order through us, we can help sell any remaining stock on the website when the tour is done.
I've still got leftover merch to sell from my last print run - can I sell that here?
As we are just starting up, we want to work with as many Kiwi bands and musicians as we can. Please get in touch if this is your situation.